Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A two-bride bachelorette party

As little sister, it's my RIGHT to plan my older sister's bachelorette party, agreed?

Well in my case, it's not so easy. This wedding has two brides, and I just wasn't sure how to work it. Does my sister get her own bachelorette party? After all, this is the one day where the bride can be a little bit naughty with the blessing of her future spouse, so wouldn't it ruin the mood for me to invite my sister's future spouse to her bachelorette? But then again, doesn't my future sister-in-law deserve to be a little naughty, too?

Since I was stumped, I went to the number one authority on gay weddings and commitment ceremonies,, and to the TwoBrides' sister site I checked the Family and Friends area and even located an area where I could submit my own question.

Just a few hours after I hit send, I got an email from Kathryn Hamm, whose straight mom founded the TwoBrides and TwoGrooms sites in 2000 to provide "mother-approved shopping sites for same sex weddings." Kathryn sent me a long, enthusiastic message, but the moral of the story was this:

"Get a little crazy with both brides in tow!"

So that's what I'm going to do. I'll have to give you all the details later, since this is a big surprise for my sister (who reads this blog sometimes), but keep your eyes peeled for an update.

Today, I am thanking my lucky stars for sites like, and Without them, people planning gay and lesbian weddings would be forced to muddle through with hetero-centered wedding sites and planning ideas. Kathryn and Gretchen Hamm have made it their mission to "provid[e] resources to same-sex couples who seek to affirm their life-long partnerships." And their recent partnership with K.C. David's has added a focus on "informing gay and lesbian couples of the best ways to help protect their relationships."

That's my kind of place. If you have a question about something as silly as the bachelorette party or something as serious as how to participate in a gay wedding when you feel uncomfortable with the idea, these sites (and their passionate founders) can help.

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Jillan Hanel said...

Hi! I am also planning a lesbian bachelorette party with both brides in tow. If you have a moment, could you email me with some of your ideas? I want to throw a fantastic bash and need all the help I can get!