Sunday, May 13, 2007

American Idol, you've got NOTHING on Eurovision!

I would like to extend an official congratulations on the part of Fringe to the Balkan nation of Serbia for their 2007 Eurovision win. Who knew that so much of Europe was into 1980's style KD Lang?

Not familiar with Eurovision? Oh-ho-ho...well. Each year, all members of the European Union have an opportunity to submit one song, sung by the group of their choosing, into the Eurovision challenge. The groups perform live and are voted on by country. Last night, Finland (last year's winner) hosted the contest from lovely Helsinki. Replete with a live Princess Barbie doll hostess who was more interested in being in the center of the camera than interviewing her guests, and a back-scratching voting system that rivals US Congress, I have to honestly say that this was one of the most entertaining events I have been privy to watch in a dog's age.

Some of the more amusing and original acts included:
...Ukraine's Boy-Scouts-in-tinfoil-by-way-of-Sun-Ra performance;
...the blatant advertising of British Airways by the UK (come on--dancing flight attendants?!? No, I don't want to come fly with you. Please, stop asking me.);
...Turkey's pop and belly dancers--watch out Justin Timberlake, Turkey's got your number;
...1980's Marilyn Manson clones from Sweden (which, frankly, I found very, very scary. I'm canceling my trip to Stockholm.);
...and, last but clearly not least, France's Scissor Sisters on crack. I'm still dizzy from watching the lead singer run round and round and round that stage like a gerbil.

It was all quite impressive, to say the least. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing next year's presentation, live from Belgrade. With a good couple pints of Guiness and a bag of spicy chili crisps, I'll settle in for another evening of spine-tingling entertainment, watching as for one night, all of Europe puts their disagreements aside and unites in the name of bad music. Sorry America, maybe you can catch it on YouTube?

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