Friday, May 11, 2007

Betty in the Sky

Ever watch a flight attendant giving the safety spiel before takeoff and wonder what s/he's really thinking? Well, now you can find out--or at least get a good idea.

Betty's a flight attendant who puts together a fabulous little podcast about flying the friendly skies. She's upbeat and frank, and great at capturing the strange, irresistible, sometimes gross details of the job (like the mysterious "water" that dripped on a couple of passengers for an entire flight. Only after they'd landed did the flight attendants realize that someone had put their two pet ferrets in the overhead bin.).

The background music is occasionally a tiny bit repetitive--but other than that, the show is well-made and entertaining, and it gives you that satisfying feeling of having just heard a good bit of gossip.

For those of you who like it analog, this new book by Kathleen Barry talks about the history of the profession from its ambiguous beginnings to the present. For more info on Femininity in Flight, and an interview with the author and with Betty, check this episode of the Diane Rehm show.

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