Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Airport Security? What a Joke.

Over the weekend I flew home for the first time since the “liquid bomb” scare. I looked up the regulations on the Internet, arranged what I considered liquids in my plastic baggie, and headed to the airport.

I’ve been flying long enough to see the changes in security measures. I didn’t take of my shoes seven years ago – now I do. I used to always carry my own water bottle – no more. And I certainly always carried my $10 facial lotion, and that’s what caused me trouble this time.

“Too big,” the security agent told me of my 4 oz. bottle. “That’s a liquid?” I replied. Of course it is. She added I could go back out to the ticketing line and check my bag, then go back through the security line. I admit, I was a little angry. Okay, I threw a fit, and told her to just throw it out, and thanked her for making all the passengers on my plane more secure by getting rid of the offensive stuff.

I realize people go through this every day, and many have already made adjustments – they always check bags, risking luggage loss rather than deal with the rules, or they don’t bring any toiletries and buy them upon arrival. Many people feel the hoop jumping is justified if it makes us safer. But it’s the implicit accusation that I’m doing something wrong that annoys me. I’ve brought this lotion aboard many planes, and suddenly I’m plotting a bomb attack with it? At the airport, we’re all guilty until we successfully make it to the gate.

Maybe if the new security measures actually worked, I’d feel better about it. But since my boyfriend got through with the box-cutter he’d accidentally carried with him from work, I have a hard time believing any of the new measures are more than bureaucratic nonsense. We are still at the mercy of those who wish us harm, and airport security is practically helpless. The sooner we accept that and find other ways to change our world, the better.


Lizzie said...

Yeah -- talk about feeling terrorized. I hate being forced to walk barefoot or in socks, subjected to unexpected puffs of air, to have to throw out my toothpaste because some folks totally failed to even make a bomb out of liquids, to have my personal belongings rifled through. Some security is warranted, I agree, but the chances of being killed by terrorists are still somewhat less than being struck by lightning. All airport security does for me is make me feel terrorized.

Neopropism said...

No doubt! When I flew home to Scotland from Boston, the lines themselves in both Boston and Heathrow were enough to frazzle my nerves. I almost missed two flights (was the last one on the trip from LHR to GLA!) and all because seventy five senior citizens, six golfing groups, and a million sunburnt families were ahead of me with their presecription, suntan lotions, and bottles of lucozade. I wish they'de create one line for people with no liquids what-so-ever, and leave the rest of the lines for the handwash, sanitary lotion, prescription drug people to go through. Otherwise, I just feel violated by the glares, pat-downs, and interrogations of why I'm going where, and how long I plan on staying...