Thursday, April 5, 2007

Writing: The Mix-Tape

I'm one week away from handing in my Master's thesis and writing like crazy. I find a good song can help me set my mental mood, and having to block out some light background noise helps me focus on my writing. This got me thinking about the connections between writing and music, specifically songs about writing. Here are my favorites:

-Paperback Writer by The Beatles (cause I need a steady job, and I want to be a paperback writer)

-Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying by Belle & Sebastian ( is mightier than swords, I could kill ya sure, but I could only make you cry with these words)

-Come Back From San Francisco by the Magnetic Fields(should pretty boys and discos distract you from your novel)

-Cemetery Gates by the Smiths (Keats and Yates are on your side...well,it's about writers, if not writing)

-Jed's Other Poem by Grandaddy (Apparently before Jed had left us, he wrote some poems)

-P.S. I Love You by Billie Holiday (Dear, I thought I'd drop a line, the weather is cool, the folks are fine, I'm in bed each night at nine, PS i love you)

Anybody have other songs about writing? Help me fill out my mix tape!

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