Friday, April 6, 2007

Geek? Dweeb? Dork? Nerd?

I’m a Geek. Now, don’t go judging me. I remember feeling like a Geek in high school, and loving it. And I love it still. I have spent years perfecting my definitions of those judgey words the popular kids always threw around. Warning: If you’re not a self-proclaimed Geek, stop reading now. You might not like how I’ve described you:

Dweeb: This is the kid who thinks he’s in with the popular crowd, but little does he know, no one likes him, and when he’s gone, they make fun of him. They invite him to their parties, and he always goes, but no one really wants him there.

Likely professions: Assistant high school football coach, middle manager, shoe salesperson, PTA chairperson

Nerd: This kid is really smart. She is so smart that she locks herself in her room on a Saturday night to read ancient Greek philosophy. In Greek. She cares not a tick about how she looks, and strives for perfection in her studies. She can be socially awkward at times, but spends little time with other people that would point it out.

Likely professions: Computer programmer, mathematician, engineer

Dork: This is the socially awkward kid. He makes people feel uncomfortable because he never talks about anything anyone can relate to (unless they’re a fellow Dork, of course), but he doesn’t realize his own social awkwardness.

Likely professions: Data analyst, Tech support, video game developer

Geek: The geek is always true to herself and her interests, which are usually intellectual. She hangs out with other geeks, just like her, who enjoy what they are doing and truly think they rock. She is cool. Not in the stereotypical popular kid way (in fact, she doesn’t want to be popular), but in her own way. She’s passionate and committed to her art, whatever it might be.

Likely professions: Professor, journalist, editor, professional musician, theater director, doctor, architect, and any other profession you think is supafly.

Can you tell that I am biased? Of course I am. Geek is the new Popular. I knew I’d made it when I got orgasmically excited about the new external hard drive that just arrived at my house. I spend my days writing about computer security, and spend my nights designing poetry books, picking art for Fringe, and putting the magazine online. I may have a little of each of these admittedly pejorative personality traits. I know I’ll be on the PTA when I have kids someday, I’ve tried my hand at computer tech, and I could talk about playing Tiger Woods Golf on my PS2 until you’re bored half to death. But that just makes me a better Geek, right?

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Christine C. said...

Ooh, I'd have to add "Harvard professor" and "research scientist" to the Nerd's potential jobs. I think she interacts a little better with others in her jobs than the Dork might.
I always got tagged "Weirdo" in my formative years, a term which, over the years, I've decided means "ahead of one's time, and refusing to adhere to social norms." I think there's a little Weirdo in all of these!

Stephanie said...

I personally feel Geek and Nerd Are reversed. Geeks are more centrally focused on one or two items of interests where nerds are usually intelligent on most everything they discuss. Just my two cents.