Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fringe Writer of the Month

I recently learned of Lydia Cacho from a Washington Post article and hereby dub her "Fringe Writer of the Month". Cacho, a Mexican journalist, has exposed child pornography and prostitution rings run and patronized by rich and powerful men in Mexico through articles and her current book, Demons of Eden: The Power That Protects Child Pornography. In retaliation she's received death threats and was once kidnapped by corrupt police who threatened to drown and rape her (at the behest of Puebla Gov. Mario MarĂ­n).

A strong feminist, Cacho has also started shelters for battered women. Currently, she's facing defamation charges brought by one of the men she unmasks in her book. You can send an appeal to the State of Puebla (where she's being charged) here.

We need more Lydia Cachos in the world, standing up for what is right, and refusing to be frightened into silence.

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