Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fringe's Round Robin

Fringe Magazine ( wants your help with our first ever Round Robin! We think you and your friends will make fabulous flash fiction writers, so give us your best shot at 26 sentences. Instructions are below. We'll be posting the results on our blog after June 15th.

1. Copy and paste the instructions and story into a fresh email/Facebook note.

2. Write the next sentence of the story below. Add your name to the byline at the bottom of the story. If you want to be emailed when your story gets posted, add your email address.

3. Tag one or more friends in the note, or forward the email to one or more buddies.

4. When the story comes to a natural end or reaches 26 sentences, email the finished product to by JUNE 15. We’ll give the pieces a light edit and post them, including author names, to the Fringe blog ( under the tag “Round Robin.”

A few caveats: If a group of however many wants to tackle this, that’s fine – we don’t mind if people write more than one sentence, but do try to let the authorship to change with every sentence. You can try for something conventional, with a beginning, middle or end, or go crazy and experimental.


1. The first person to start the chain can choose from one of three initial sentences (or create your own!):
  • "Alfred did not believe in voodoo, only in himself, and the power that a well-designed business card had over lesser beings"
  • "Darcy Zicafoose, of the Washington Zicafooses, had a penchant for judo."
  • "I was never young, but I remember being young in the same way that I cannot see color but I dream of it, lush and vivid, spreading before me like a banquet."

Authors: Lizzie Stark (

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