Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poehler's latest venture

SNLer and Baby Mama, Amy Poehler, hosts an internet series called Smart Girls at the Party. Despite being sponsored by Barbie, the show focuses on talented pre-teen girls and celebrates how they "can succeed and make a difference simply by being themselves.” The segments showcase the girls’ hobbies and opinions in honest and entertaining interviews, giving their age group a voice not typically heard in today's media. Check out Ruby the feminist:


Anonymous said...

Ha...what a find. I sometimes couldn't tell if they were mocking the girl or not, but I think that's just how Amy Poehler's humor is sometimes. Is it a web serial only? Does it air on television?

Cat said...

I don't think she means to mock. I think it's just the way she comes off. As far as I know, it's only a web series. There are eight episodes now, and the site says they are working on another season.