Thursday, February 26, 2009

Help Us Redesign Our Site

We rarely ask for funds, but this time around, Fringe needs your help.

At the beginning of February, we turned 3. Over these years we've published 17, soon to be 18 of the Fringiest issues anywhere on teh interwebs, garnering 6,000-35,000 unique users each month. We've loaded the work of 124 writers and artists, many of whom we published for the first time.

We finally want to take better advantage of our digital format by publishing new work weekly, and hosting this fine blog on our own website. But we can't do it with the website we have: each issue takes 50 hours to load.

We're trying to raise $900 over two months to make our Wordpress dreams come true, and to give our webmistress a well-deserved night of sleep. We'll use the time we save to give you more of that content you love.

If you've enjoyed reading site or blog, consider a donation of $5 to help us meet our goal. You can see our campaign's progress through the widget to the right of our blog and all donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law.

We're also offering the following gifts with donations:
  • Donate $6 and receive a colorful set of frame-able Fringe excerpts from previous Fringes in the mail
  • Donate $25 and receive a sturdy Fringe shot glass
  • Donate $50 and receive your choice of an author-signed copy of a small press book or a solid read of your work (up to one ordinary Fringe submission in length), with copious comments, from one of our crack team of editors.
  • If you prefer to spare us the postage, please put "no gift" in the PayPal message to sender.
Thanks for all your support.
Fringe is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and a not-for-profit corporation registered as a charitable organization under the laws of the Delaware. Charitable donations made to Fringe are deductible to the full extent of the law for federal and estate tax purposes. 100% of all contributions made to Fringe will be used to fund its charitable activities. Fringe is currently soliciting donations from residents of any state in which such solicitation is legal. Certain states require us to register as a charitable organization under their respective laws before soliciting charitable contributions from their residents. We are currently so registered in Massachusetts, and can lawfully solicit contributions from residents of that state and the states of Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wyoming. Residents of other states should not construe or deem any content on our website nor any other communication made by or on behalf of Fringe to be a solicitation of their donation or contribution to Fringe. Copies of our registration statements and Annual Reports can be obtained by writing us at fringeeditors(at)gmail(dot)com. Registration with the Secretary of State or Attorney General of any state does not imply endorsement.

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