Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why my life is like Goodfellas


Did you ever see the movie Goodfellas? Remember the scene when Henry Hill had to make the sauce, pick up his brother from rehab and get a cocaine deal ready? Remember how hectic and insane that day was?

Well, my life as a single mom who works is kinda of like that everyday, (except of course the dealing and doing drugs part).

It involves getting a 6 and 5 year old up, fed and ready for school and usually finishing a deadline for a side client, while going to my real job at a marketing firm, dealing with a staff of Tibetean nannies, housekeepers and other random people I must pay.

There is always a drama with either my ex-husband, a client, the police (someone recently tried to break into my house) or my kids. Some days my youngest decides randomly that she is "not welcome at school" (her words, not mine.)

Or I have been asked to write some "out of the box' thinking for a large packaged goods client, that is of course really code for give me something safe my specific demographic of 24-92 moms would like.

Through it all I have taken the approach, that my life is like a game show or Survivor. If I guess all the clues correctly, or outsmart the competition, I will win a calm orderly life, in which I will be able to garden, cook dinner for my kids and read all of those books that pile up and actually volunteer for school and other things.

But until then...

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