Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can still hear him quacking…

Do you think George Bush is watching as you walk into CVS to pick up your prescription for birth control? Maybe not literally, but figuratively he is. He is monitoring your actions and controlling your access along with the department of Health and Human Services bolstered by the Evangelical community at large. Hillary Clinton says this better, but the basics behind a new policy proposed by Health and Human Services allows any federally financed health care worker to opt out of providing necessary services, information or counseling to which he or she is morally opposed. The current law already provides room for the “conscience” of the provider in refusing to perform abortions; this new regulation is different in that it extends that right to also refuse “other medical procedures” thus broadening the law to include not only contraception but a myriad of other necessary services. This is a blatant attempt by the Bush administration to, yet again, further its moral agenda at the cost of women’s health and the quality of our healthcare system as a whole.

Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t.

The Bush administration is nothing if not opportunistic and has a way of sneaking past legislation, signing statements and high-ranking appointments when no one is looking. The long-winded presidential election has proved fertile ground for implementing policies that are hostile to the thinking of most Americans. Whether you’re banking on “The One” to save us all come January 20th or you are really jazzed about the mayoral budgetary choices of Sarah Palin, important, life-altering decisions are being made right now under our current administration. Just because he’s lame…and a duck…doesn’t mean he can’t continue to quack. So bring out that old Nintendo Duck Hunt gun and get shooting!

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