Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fringe 16 Rocks It.

We tried something new in Fringe 16. Now that we’re only publishing four times a year, we’re giving you more of that Fringey stuff you love. This issue features doubles – two poets, two short nonfiction writers and two short shorts, along with our first-ever audio pieces and some brilliant paintings.

This issue is all about small moments, from the moment a fish hits the sizzling oil to a fever dream to the decision whether to use that last vein (in the penis) to shoot a little heroin.

Watch for the theme of food, which appears in several of the pieces. We’ve got telling footnotes, bright colors and the strange taste of fake cheese in our mouths, so come experience the joys of Fringe 16!
  • In An Ocean View, Brent van Staalduinen gives a lyrical account of the way Sri Lankan tourist culture changed after the tsunami in a piece of short nonfiction.
  • Michael K Meyers uses audio collage to tell two strange tales in the (de)Classified section.
  • Joe Clifford, a former heroin addict writes about the moment that the TV show Cops became about him in the short nonfiction piece Fear and Reality.
  • In her four poems, Francine Rubin shows the reader sparkling moments – fish in oil, a pirouette and her life as a celebutante.
  • Christopher A. Williams uses curvilinear bursts of color to create Rube-Goldberg machines.
  • Siel Ju describes four people and one slice of veggie cheese in five poems.
  • The short short Out by Munson Creek by Chuck Taylor explores man’s timeless desire to shoot things.
Joel Wright’s short short Fever chronicles the illusions and realities of a fever that came on the heels of a snowstorm.

Art: Dog Eat Dog City by Christopher A. Williams

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