Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lizzie Gets Posted

After numerous nights sans sleep, I'm proud to announce the release of NYC24: BODY, the online news magazine I helped edit and build.

Check it out!

Here's our press release: Launches The Body Issue
Real stories, reported from New York City

Feb. 15, 2008 -- The New Media Workshop at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism announces the latest issue of, an online news magazine,

NYC24 (pronounced "N-Y-C-two-four") brings you eight feature stories about NYC, centered around the theme of BODY. This collection of multi-media stories burst with the strange, sexy and fun things people do with their bodies. The site is entirely conceptualized, reported, shot, produced and edited by the students.

Editors for BODY:


In this issue:

* An Afro-Brazillian martial art draws new devotees by ELSA BUTLER & CHANNTAL FLEISCHFRESSER

* Circus performing or yoga -- how 'bout both? by LISA BIAGIOTTI, PHILIP CAULFIELD, KENAN DAVIS & ELIZABETH R. STARK

* Craig Hormann's Ivy-league path to the NFL by DAVE BURDICK & ANTHONY VANGER

* New York's Tall Club: Do you measure up? by TOM DAVIS & SYDNEY BEVERIDGE

* Make your skin bling with sub-dermal piercing by KATYA SOLDAK & VERONICA ZARAGOVIA

* Sword-swallowers show us how it's done (hint: don't drink) by MATTHEW P. MOLL & YIAN HUANG

* The ultimate three-minute love affair: Tango by KAREN ZRAICK & JAY CORCORAN

* Burlesque: Fabulously fit at any size by SANDRA LARRIVA & MATHILDE PIARD

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We are always, always mortal said...

I like the new site. The stories are well executed, and the design is aesthetically pleasing as well.