Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hillary v. Obama - What Gives?

Am I the only one who notices/cares that when people refer to Barack Obama, they call him "Obama" but when they refer to Hillary Clinton, they call her "Hillary"? They don't call Bill Clinton "Bill" or John McCain "John," so what gives?


Siel said...

My guess is because people got used to calling Hillary Hillary back when Bill was prez.

Roscoe said...

Hillary is calling herself "Hillary" in all her campaign signs, so maybe she's responsible.

Sarah said...

I found it weird at first, but I'm okay with it - I mean, when Bush Jr. became president, we started differentiating the Bushes in several ways (e.g. Bush senior, George W) because we needed to, so why not with the Clintons? We can't tack a junior on there or anything - I'd rather they use her real first name than refer to her just as Mrs., or worse.