Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Two-Bride Bachelorette - A Success!

In May, I wrote about my sister's Two-Bride Bachelorette party. Was it wrong for me to bring both brides to the same party? Would I be depriving one or the other of the naughtiness they deserved on their bachelorette party day?

Well, here's my update.

Both women (and all of their friends) had a BLAST.

I had T-Shirts made up for the girls with personal messages on the front and "Sorry ladies...I'm taken!" printed on the back. I forced the girls to put them on before we arrived at Maggiano's Little Italy for a 12-person family-style scrumptious Italian meal.

We then walked around the corner to Jacques Cabaret, the best drag show in town. I even wrote a Yelp review of the place.

Everyone had such a good time. The drinks were strong, the mood was lively, the performers sang the best songs, and I got my sister and her fiancee to wear feather boas. All in all, this was the perfect way to celebrate their last days as bachelorettes. Neither girl felt singled out, both of them got to be a bit naughty, and we all laughed. A lot.

Would you have done something differently if the task was yours?

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