Monday, June 4, 2007

In memory of Sarah Hannah

Emerson poetry professor Sarah Hannah took her own life on May 23rd. The Boston Globe wrote a beautiful obituary, highlighting Dr. Hannah's life and work. Tupelo Press of Dorset, Vt., has moved up publication of her new book, Inflorescence, from November to September, and Jeffrey Levine promises that Tupelo Press will hold a memorial for Sarah at Poet’s House in September when her new book comes out. "I will invite the entire writing community to come and read from her book, and to read tributes or poems in homage," says Levine.

Local poet Douglas Holder wrote a heartfelt blog post in his Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene blog, where he said "I sent her an email last week. I was told that she killed herself last week. She was only in her early 40’s. I know her high school teacher. She seemed so happy. Her star was rising. She had been through a divorce. She had everything to live for. I have only clich├ęs. I am sorry. I have worked at McLean Hospital for 25 years, but I am not immune to this. May she rest in peace."

In times like these, it is impossible not to look at your own life with a new perspective. Take a moment to focus on the good stuff, to appreciate the relative happiness you might take for granted. Kiss your lover, call your mother, write, eat a good meal, connect with an old whatever you need to do to feel alive, appreciated, loved, and important.

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