Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What to do with all those rejection slips? I know—bathroom wallpaper, bird nest offering, papier-mâché craftastic something-or-other, ugh. Or, you could send ANY 10 of those hoarded rejections (I know you're saving them for some sadistic reason because I am too) to Marginalia with $1 and receive an (almost free!) issue of Marginalia Magazine for your perusal. It's like positive publishing karma. Thanks to Brevity for the tip.

For your Sad Bastard discount send (10) rejections and $1 to:
Sad Bastard
P.O. Box 258
Pitkin, CO 81241

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Anna Lena said...

That's great! Nice to see that Marginalia is independent now, too. And I have always loved their title typeface.

(Incidentally, Marginalia is also the name of a regular column at AmSci (whose title typeface, though comparatively modest, is hard to come by). For instance,