Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, World

As the year begins anew, a few things spring to mind.

On NPR I heard two bits of wisdom: on the first day of the year don’t break anything, or else you’ll be destroying your life all year. Don’t pay bills on the first day, either. Otherwise, you’ll obsess over money all of 2009.

Thinking back on the holidays here in Oregon, I am reminded of the homeless Veteran homeless Veteran who was found frozen to death on a corner in my old Eugene neighborhood. For a time, he was hidden in his sleeping bag under a few inches of snow. Aside from serving his country, he received a Master’s Degree from the University of Oregon. The local newspaper, the Register Guard, published an haunting elegy.

Today a friend called to tell me that Israel is posting video of its airstrikes on Palestinian militants on You Tube. Supporters of Hamas flagged it, it was taken down, but reposted later and labeled “inappropriate for minors.” Apparently, Israel is using Twitter too.

Meanwhile, in more upbeat news, a bunch of poets got together for the "San Francisco Poetry Spectacular" on December 28 where over 60 poets read for 2 minutes each. I’m sorry to say I didn’t go, in a way. My wife noted two things: “Didn’t a group of comedians already do that?” and “Sounds like everyone gets up to be a commercial.”

I do love my wife. And she’s pregnant: best news I had in all of 2008.

Happy New Year.

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