Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teh Internetz: Teeny Tiny Laptops

This post and my next post were written far in advance and set to post automatically. As I shared last time, I am deep in the throes of NaNoWriMo and cannot be bothered by things like blogging and eating.

So as I write to you from the distant past of October 29th, when we still don't know if the election is going to have a "hiccup" or not, if Palin will suddenly grow bat wings and attack elite gay socialists, or if the war in Iraq will ever stop, I bring a sense of charming naivety.

Today I will discuss very small laptops, because I just bought one and I sort of want to gloat about it? In order to maximize my on-the-go writing time, I decided to invest in an ACUS eee PC. Mine is green, like the one pictured, weighs 2 lbs., and runs on Linux. For the ungeeky, Linux is an open-source computing platform. It's like Windows except free and crowd-created and moderated. It doesn't do everything that Windows or a Mac could do, but it is pretty nifty. And since I'll just be using this as my ultraportable, I don't need it to do much besides connect to the internet and type.

But for those writers that need more OOMPH from their mobile writing gadgets, here are some options:

    The ultra-thin, ultra-sexy Mac Book Air is pretty, but lacks the usefulness you'd like in your amazingly expensive Apple product.

    Looking slightly less hot but a better marriage prospect is the Fujitsu Lifebook.

    The Lenovo ThinkPad line consistently gets good reviews on everything from endurance to memory to battery life.

    But if you need something cheaper, take a look at what's available in Under $600 Land.

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