Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miss the bus

I miss my long commute. No, seriously. I used to take me forty-five minutes to get downtown for my job, though I'd leave well over an hour to get there. Inevitably, MUNI would break down halfway between two stations and I'd barely make my shift on time. I've since moved and find myself significantly closer to work.

The great thing about this commute was simple: I got so much writing done. Yes, I was trapped on a subway car. Yes, there were loud students, sweaty, stinky bodies, tourists with too much luggage. But I'd stick my ipod on, get the pen out, and get some good work done.

I have the most difficult time writing at home. With wireless internet, a great roommate, two curious dogs, and a house that needs some work, I've got all the excuses I need not to write. I can water the garden, make more coffee, fold the laundry...and if I'm trying to write, all of these things become imminently important. Stuck on MUNI made it easier to force myself to write. And it made me happy, when I got to work, to know I'd gotten the real work of writing done for the day.

These days I take two crowded buses and there isn't room to sit down, much less write. I've got to find a new technique to stop avoiding writing. Those of you stuck with long treks to school or work, take a minute to consider yourself lucky. The rest of you, any suggestions?

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