Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ah Spring, buds on trees and feminists getting hitched

A lot of kids here at Fringe are doing the nupital dance this season, and I thought of them when I read this wonderful article by Christie Church (it's been making the rounds: originally at girlistic magazine, here on alternet, but I first saw it on my truthout feed).

How familiar a script, and how refreshing a story! (but when they visit the jeweler, ooh: I read that, became physically angry, and spent a pent-up commute really, really hoping they took their business elsewhere).

So friends, headed to the altar in church or backyard or city hall, do it your own way and be proud.


Nellie said...

Katie! I too read this article and enjoyed it. Thanks for brining it to the attention of folks at Fringe. It's so nice to have a more "normal" perspective on marriage to keep those of us planning our own sane.

Lizzie said...

Katie -- thanks for posting this. It definitely describes hubbub that is becoming familiar