Thursday, March 6, 2008

Direct Democracy

I went on a road/ski trip to Vermont with my mama at the beginning of this week, and am convinced this state is doing something every single state in the country should be doing.

The first Tuesday of March is Town Meeting Day in Vermont. You don't go to work; you go to Town Meeting and talk about the small and large issues that affect your community. Nobody elected by a 51-49% margin is going to represent you: you're in charge of doing it for yourself.

And it coincides with Primary Day, encouraging people as both citizens AND voters to participate in the democratic process!

Wouldn't our country be so much less divisive if once a year, everybody sat down next to their neighbors and hashed it all out?

I found a terrific guide to Town Meeting Day for kids (but useful for all of us who didn't grow up in the Green Mountains) on the VT Secretary of State's website.

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Sarah said...

No kidding!? That's great. And they give residents the day off! Now if only everyone would do that for election day.