Monday, October 22, 2007

Vote for the Best Novel of the Last 25 Years

Here at Fringe, we love novels, writers of color, and women writers (along with a whole lot of other things like feminism, culture, and judging from our blog tags, more feminism). That's why the New York Times' list of the Best 25 Novels of the Last 25 Years made us sad. (As the Guerilla Girls might say, "Hormone Imbalanced! Melanin Deficient!")

So we launched the 25 Books Project...and now we need to hear from YOU.

To vote, you must have read 2 or more books from the Pool, which we've been reviewing on this blog. For each additional book you've read, you get an additional vote, up to five.

All votes are write-in -- the only parameters are the ones set by the NYT list -- only novels by American writers written since 1981 are eligible.

Vote here soon -- the polls will close at the end of this year!


SarahJane said...

Hi -
I was about to vote and just want to check if the books we vote for have to be written by Americans. I think that was the NYTs list, and as far as I know all the books in your pool are by Americans, so I assume so. Also, are we allowed to vote for straight white men, too, or shall we discriminate reversely?

Lizzie said...

Hi Sarahjane,

Good questions. Yes, you must vote for an American novel of the last 25 years. We're playing a little bit loose with the term "American" -- we'd like the book to be originally written in english and by an author who is an American citizen, or who has spent a significant amount of their writing careers in America.

As for voting, outside those two restrictions, you're welcome to vote for whomever you'd like, even if that someone is Cormac McCarthy or Phillip Roth -- if you think a straight white dude wrote an amazing book, by all means vote for it!